Friday, April 17, 2009

Start Date vs Training

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to when the race starts. The start batches were posted over the weekend and Fiona and I are starting in Batch C on Monday 15th June 2009. There are 3 Ride to Rhodes riders and 10 Race Across South Africa riders in this batch including the only tandem in the race. This gives us just over 8 weeks of training before the start. My heavy work schedule precludes me from getting much training during the week, so weekends are my training days, however this does interfere with family time (thanks Aileen, Michael and Kayla for your understanding and support).

We have done some spectacular training rides over the last few weekends. Fiona is a master (or should that be mistress) on route planning and navigation. She has a built in GPS in her brain. Here are two photos taken going up Breet's Nek last week, such amazing scenery so close to home.

I have had some challenges in training over the last two weeks. On one of our long rides (110km) my rear shock burst a seal 17km into the ride. Fortunately I could continue, however it was like riding a pogo stick, bouncing up and down with every pedal stroke. I earned the nickname of "Bob" during this ride. I seem to be accumulating nicknames at the moment, Ill tell you about "Shrek" sometime.

The training schedule this week is 70km road ride Friday morning, 70+km MTB ride on Saturday and 120km road ride on Sunday morning.

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