Thursday, May 28, 2009

Only 52 Litres

There has been a lot of hurried preparation over the last few nights. Our 26 2 litre boxes are being shipped down to Cape Town today, for distribution along the route. These boxes contain everything we might need other than the meals we are given. Everything else has to be carried in our backpack's.

My major concern was preparing the maps. I have managed to cut the total number down to 52 maps including the narrative. Each map has the relevant narrative stuck on the map in the appropriate place, and also smaller inserts of 1:50 000 maps stuck onto the main 1:150 000 map, where there is a section that requires more detail. I have also cross referenced each point on the narrative back to the map for quick identification. Once this exercise was complete I folded the A3 map back-to-back and laminated it in plastic to waterproof it. These all had to be ready to be packed into boxes as well.

Aileen helped me by filling the boxes with all kinds of interesting luxuries. My Mom and Dad also packed some boxed with surprises. I had the task of trying to estimate where along the route we will need batteries, brake pads, chains, bike lube, bum lube, spare socks and a few spare shirts (to try and reduce the smell) and of course the correct maps in the correct boxes. I also packed bags of Hammer Perpetium (Energy Drink) and a recovery drink for each stop.

I see all the boxes also have a message written on the inside lids. I'm sure these messages will be an inspiration to me along the route. Some of the goodies that I saw that had been packed in the boxes for me include: chocolate, nuts, biltong, fruit bars, energy bars, tinned fruit with custard, condensed milk, Jack Daniels (only small 50 ml bottles), etc. Cant wait to get started so I can get to the boxes.

It is amazing how much you can squeeze into 52 litres.

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  1. Hi Doug,
    LOL, SOOOOO happy to see Jack D is on the packing list!!!!
    Did you get my envelope? Not much, but heart felt and a way to be there in spirit.
    How do I find your tracking device? Don't want to miss any of this amazing trek.
    Take care,