Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time is running out

Sorry for the long gap in publishing this post. It has been a combination of lots of public holidays in the past few weeks and then catching up on some work.

The time is getting short and now the panic is starting to set in. Not so much from the physical fitness side, but from all the other preparation that needs to be done. Getting 26 two litre ice cream boxes sorted out so they can be delivered to the support stations. What do I put into them? This is a list of some of the items I have thought of so far (in no particular order):

  • Torch batteries (every 2nd box)
  • Chocolates (every box)
  • Biltong/nuts (every box)
  • Socks (every 6th box)
  • New Chain (about 2000km into the race)
  • Shirts (every 6th box)
  • Bum cream!!!
  • Shampoo
  • Razor (every 8th box)
  • Maps for the next day
  • New pair of legs???

Please send me comments if you have any other ideas.

So what's happened over the last few lone weekends from a training perspective? Well Fiona was away organising her Panorama Tour last weekend, so we had to use our memories and try and remember some of the routes (we did surprisingly well). We also went on some fantastic rides with Mike W to Magaliesberg. We managed a route of about 120km on Friday around this area. (I say about, as between the four of us no one had anything to measure speed or distance).

On Sunday Fiona and I decided to do a quick 90km rode ride into the Cradle. We were having a great ride, passing all the runners doing the Cradle Marathon, when going up a hill my derailleur got caught in the spokes and snapped off. Of course being 'road cyclists' none of us had a chain breaker to convert it into a single speed, so we did the next best roadie option and phoned Dave to come and fetch us.

We downloaded the 1:150 000 maps last week and I printed them out, 25 A3 maps. Now that is terrifying, 15m of maps with the entire course laid out end to end. There are also about 170 1:50 000 maps coming.

Now to start thinking what needs to get packed in my backpack and trying to keep it at a reasonable weight.


  1. batteries every second box? either you're running a big light or its overkill.

    if it's muddy like last year, socks become disposable. A clean old work sock beats a handwashed semi dry Falke mtb sock anyday.

    get the wife, kids and friends to put a surprise in some of them...even a printed message

    packing the bag?thatt's another thesis in itself

  2. Shirts?? were you planning to hit the night life in Cambria?

  3. What about some Jack Daniels???? Even when backpacking across Southern Utah, there was always room for JD in the ol' pack to sooth aching muscles and toast the sunset. Doug, I would love to send you something from California for your ride if it is not too late. Please send me you address.