Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 9 – Tues 23 June – extreme to the extreme!

What a day. We had a late start at 9:00 due to Fi's time penalty. We headed out into 60kph wind with rain and extremely muddy roads and 1 degree C. At times we had to push the bike down district roads because of the wind.  We were hoping to get to Brostalea but 20 km before we hit a storm of mammoth proportions and had to find shelter. We found an abandoned farm an stayed in the shed. Later we found a small room with a carpet where we slept. The temp was extremely cold. We hardly slept at all At 8:00 the owner from Bordtslea came to look for us. He took us back home and fed us some breakfast.

This was the most extreme day of my life.

Note from Aileen – there was no cell phone contact so I had no contact with Doug from yesterday morning.  We spoke today (wed) and as usual he has bounced back to his normal levels of resilience and humour.  Respect to you my great husband – you are an inspiration x

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  1. Great going so far! Keep it up! Rgds Irene