Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sat 27 June Day 13

We left DeDoorns at 5:20 this morning. We skipped a day ahead yesterday so we had the group ahead of us hanging onto us. The route lead us up and over a mountain and the a hike down the gorge on the other side.  This would have been classified a difficult hike even without a bike.  Well this seems to have completely trashed my shoes. By the time we  got to the bottom the group had split up so Fiona, Sean and I continued on alone. We reached van de Venterskraal at 13:15 and had a quick lunch. At 14:00 we left to skip another day. We had an 11 km technical downhill through a nature reserve. At one spot we came across heard of Giraffe.

Today was the best day of riding we have had so far. The weather conditions was also perfect. We arrived in record time at 17:30 after cycling at total of 140 km today.

Note from Aileen – not such a fantastic wife – the shoes did not arrive this morning so i need to try find away to forward them onto the next available post office.


  1. Hey Doug and Fi

    We are all thinking of you both! I know you can do it. With the support, good wishes and special thoughts being sent your way - you cannot do anything but brilliantly. With the love of your fantastic wife and the smile of your daugther waiting for you at home - your days will just get easier as you go into the end-times of this race!!


  2. new shoes in the mail. i think Willowmore is the next option, but David knows best!