Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 10 – Wed 24 june

It's interesting how priorities change on this race. It's no longer important how long it's going to take rather, how am I going to finish.  We have opted to take the unofficial route to get to Romansfontein today. We will have a time penalty tomorrow but we just needed to get to an official support station to try and recover.

After spending last night out in the cold with very little sleep, we were unable to make logical decisions. Another one of our group has withdrawn from the race after last night.

After some strategy planning later we will decide on the way forward.

Note from Aileen – to anyone following this blog please feel free to send messages to Doug.  All strong positive thoughts are needed.  If you are not signed in to this blog then email me on and I will post them on the blog.


Fi and her smoked oysters – she was really looking forward to these.  She also needs lots of positive thoughts please.


  1. thank you for the update - i refresh the blogs every few minutes, knowing full well that you guys are fighting out there & there might be signal-issues & you need all the rest you can get - the updates are appreciated very much, keep them coming

    i hope both of you are still ok healthwise? fi - how's the cold?

    enjoy the rest tonight, and good luck with the quest!

  2. Hey Doug

    Man, it sounds like its getting really getting tough out there....

    Well your one the toughest people I know, you can do this!


  3. I'm actually starting to think you guys are a bit loony! :-)
    I don't know how you keep it up but well done. The most apt word in the dictionary for you guys would be, Inspirational!