Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 7 Sunday 21 June

Left Rhodes at 5:45 this morning in the rain. It was really cold as well in the morning. I rode the entire morning on my own which was fantastic. We had lunch at Chesneywold. The owners were fantastic hosts gave us a huge meal. We then had to go an see his pub where he has a collection of 1400 caps. They tried to get us to spend the afternoon but we managed to extract ourselves after 30 min.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly fast riding except for a 1 hour portage. We are staying on the farm Slaapkrantz this evening.

Fantastic hospitality again. These farmers know how to entertain.

Thanks to my fantastic wife, kayla and Michael for the fathers day wishes and cards, it was very special.

Mark Fussell has withdrawn from the race due to a foot injury.

Note from Aileen – spoke to Doug last night and he really loving this adventure.  Kayla also spoke to her Daddy and gave kisses and hugs to the phone.  She is missing him – we both are.

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  1. aileen, if you and kayla need someone for coffee, just shout, i'm always ready!

    doug, hang in there, i'm reading all kinds of reports about horrible weather - keep going and remember to enjoy the singletrack.