Wednesday, July 1, 2009

day 16 – Tuesday 30 June

Yea my shoes arrived.

What a long day. We started from Cambria at 4:45 this morning. As we left the, the mountains rose up to meet us. Within the first 20km we had already done a 400m climb. This was the scene up until lunch time at Dam se Drif at about 80 km. We opted to skip that support station and push on to Willomore.

We eventually arrived at 21:00 this evening after having done 175km and 2500m ascent. Both of us were buggered but the arrival of my new shoes made up for that. Thank you my darling wife for all your organisation

Note from Aileen – I spoke with Doug on Tuesday night – they were both exhausted and in need to good rest.  He remains in great spirits.

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