Friday, July 3, 2009

Thurs Day 18 – 02 July

Written by Aileen

I spoke with Doug last night – they got into Rouxpos at 20:30 – 14.25 hour day and 138 kms.  He was absolutely exhausted and energy-less.  It was a long flat day but he was just so tired.  He did not want to eat which is a bad sign of exhaustions for him. 

If they still want to finish on Sunday night they need to do a triple day today (Friday) or tomorrow.  On one of the days they need to cover 250kms.  They have approximately 380kms to cover and the last day is a set day in that they have an approximate 8 hours of climbing and they must have passed Touthaven between 22H00 and 08:00 otherwise they are not allowed to continue as it is too treacherous to do a section in the dark.

Send lots of strength and positive thoughts to Doug and Fi and sms’s are always good.

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