Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fri Day 19 03 July

The Karoo

I always thought the Karoo was flat. This myth has been dispelled over the past 2 days. Yesterday we had a total elevation was 3200m !!!!  No wonder I was so trashed.

We left Rouxpos today at 6:00 and arrived at Anysberg at 13:30. They had a huge lunch waiting for us.

We left at 14:00 for Montague. The weather has become a little cooler and the wind is starting to pick up. This made going slower than expected. The biggest problem we are both having is 'sore asses'. Our legs, knees etc are prefect it's only the numbness in your butt. We have to get off and walk frequently to let the blood return to the butt.

We arrived at Montague at 6:15 after a 20km downhill from Ou berg pass. That certainly made the last bit a little quicker.

Neither Fi or myself felt we had it in us to do another stage today. We are staying at the Montague Country Hotel. Certainly many steps up from what we have been used to.

We are going to try a triple tomorrow. If we can do it we are due to finish on Sunday otherwise it will be a Monday finish.

Note from Aileen – I spoke with Doug last night.  He was in much better spirits than the previous 2 nights.  His body is taking strain in that he battles to get warm even after a bath but wakes up in the nights with the sweats.  I just want him home now.

image Swartberg pass

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  1. wishing you and fi lots of chocolate (or whatever it is that you're craving at this stage of the race), a warm sleep, clean linen, and fresh legs for the morning.

    almost there!