Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wed Day 17 01 July


This entry is written by Aileen – my Doug was too tired last night to write.

They left Willowvale yesterday morning and set off for Prince Albert some 170kms away – the same distance as the day before.  The route was absolutely flat and fast.

They averaged 18km per hour for the 1st 100kms or so and just cruised. 

Lunch was at a farm called Rondavel.

The bum and legs took strain.  Doug listened to his audio book – I think this is the 1st time he has been able to do this – I guess you have to concentrate too hard on technical stuff.  When they thought they had about 40kms to go they came across Johann Rissik. Apparently he is famous for popping up all over to help riders, he had set up a coffee/tea spot under the trees. Soft chairs and tea and coffee were the order.

Doug and Fi rode the last 30km or so very content and with good strength and arrived at the Dennehof B&B.

Doug called me in the early evening and was soaking in a hot bath – he loves his bathes and this was the 1st one on this trip.  I am sure it soothed his tired legs.

Vasbyt my love – 4 more days left.  Kayla and I are sooooo excited (well she is always excited by life so when she sees her Daddy again I think she will go into overdrive!)

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