Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sat Day 20 04 july

As I write this I am hoping that Doug and Fi are close to Trouthaven – their last support station on this mammoth event.  I spoke to Doug about 13:30 today and they were leaving their lunch venue – maybe Kasra (??) to cycle 80km to Trouthaven.

I fly to Cape Town tomorrow and meet up with Jean – Fiona’s sister and we will go do the can-can tomorrow at the finish when they get in – with Kayla doing her own victory dance!  They are only likely to get in after 19:00.  The next entry should be a celebratory one.

image All in one

image Kasara

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  1. Congratulations! Fi and you make the Tour De France team Astana look like sissy's!

    Reading your Blog has been mind boggling. You two are absolutely incredible!

    It is summer here in sunny California....perhaps you all should come here to warm up!!!!! I have the kettle on just in case! Oh, wait,,,scratch that,,,the Margaritas are in the blender just waiting for you!